TDoR 2023 / 2023 / August / 13 / Luciana Sandoval

Luciana Sandoval

Age 36

13 Aug 2023
Medellín, Antioqua (Colombia)
Not reported

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Luciana Sandoval
Luciana Sandoval [photo:]

Luciana's body was found gagged inside her home.

During the afternoon of this Sunday, August 13, the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) carried out a technical inspection of the corpse of a transgender woman, who was found without vital signs inside her apartment in Caicedo, La Toma bridge.

According to the relatives of the victim, named Luciana S., 35, the woman had been seen for the last time in the early hours of Friday, when she visited her mother in a high degree of alcoholism and, not wanting to stay, her mother sent her in a taxi home.

According to her mother, Luciana was a very friendly woman, a very good daughter and she would have separated recently, she was also a sex worker, because on many occasions she tried to look for other jobs and they did not give them, in their words, apparently because of her sexual condition.

The deceased today was found by her relatives, after trying to contact her by cell phone and she did not respond. However, this Sunday they went to her apartment where they noticed a strong smell and decided to notify the authorities.

Luciana's body was tied up with a cell phone cable, and according to the Police, the causes of the homicide have yet to be clarified.

Report added: 26 Aug 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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