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9 Jun 2023
Melchor Múzquiz, Coahuila (Mexico)

Rosy [photo:]

Rosy died by suicide.

They regret the suicide of "Rosy"

The transsexual girl took her own life by [redacted] herself last Friday afternoon.

MELCHOR MÚZQUIZ, COAH.- Pointing out that it is very difficult to be accepted by society because of the gender identity they represent, Diego Ibarra, better known as Nicky Lauren, a great international-class impersonator who is originally from the Magical Town of Múzquiz , told LA VOICE that they regretted the death of the transsexual girl.

The great imitator of artistic figures such as Jenny Rivera "la Diva de la Banda", expressed, about the death of [deadname] N better known as Rosy, that the LGBT collective he represents regrets what happened.

“It is very difficult for these people to be accepted, unfortunately when you become a trans girl, it is more difficult to face the family and society,” she mentioned.

He added that the path has to be opened, the ways for people to see that they exist, that they have a voice and a vote and that they are like any other person who has the right to live.

He stressed that the wave of suicides that have been registered in the region is a factor in the lack of communication that exists between parents and their children.

The people who are part of this new generation attempt suicide, many have managed to consume it, others have not, but the only thing I can say is that education begins at home.

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