TDoR 2023 / 2023 / May / 22 / Raynanda Mineiro

Raynanda Mineiro

Age 25-34

22 May 2023
Colombo, Paraná (Brazil)

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Raynanda Mineiro
Raynanda Mineiro [photo:]

Raynanda was stabbed by her jealous partner, who was arrested and charged with femicide.

Gabriel Henrique Lucas Aguiar, 22, confessed to the death of a trans woman on [Rua Rafael de Queiroz, in the Jardim Guarani neighborhood] of Colombo, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba. He gave a statement to the police shortly after being arrested, this Monday (22), and explained his motivation.

The young man was the victim's companion, identified as Raynanda Minieiro, 34. In the statement, Gabriel stated that he had an 'unhealthy jealousy' for his girlfriend.

Raynanda was stabbed to death and found by neighbors inside the house. Gabriel confirmed that he hit the victim after an argument, with blows to the chest and head. He further claimed that he ended up accidentally hitting his own leg and then left the scene.

Gabriel Henrique Lucas Aguiar's mother made an outburst on social networks about the crime committed by her son. The young man's mother stated that she loved her daughter-in-law, that she spent Christmas and New Years with the family, and that her son has become "a shame for the family".

“Shame on my family Gabriel, why did you do that [...], now you've become a murderer and now you have to pay [...]. "I'm sorry for the word of a mother, but I'm angry because I didn't raise a murderous son".,ecf61dabeac1ccc22145f7e96628353bxswhswn1.html

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