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Emily Grace Rawbon

Age 51 (born 21 Sep 1972)

4 May 2023
Invermere, British Colombia (Canada)

Emily Grace Rawbon
Emily Grace Rawbon [photo:]

Emily died by suicide.

It is with sadness that we are announcing the death of Emily Grace Rawbon May 4, 2023. Emily was born September 21, 1972, and grew up in rural Lake Country in Ontario with her sister and parents. Later they moved and lived in Alberta and BC.

She had a passion and tremendous gift for arts and design. From a young age Emily enjoyed spending her time drawing, painting, and stencilling, using all sorts of media. As a young child she found an outlet for her expression in art, dance, and music.

Music has been a part of Emily’s family forever, and it was time spent sitting at the piano with her grandfather, listening and watching him play church hymns that she learned to play, first by ear and then studying the theory as a teenager. This same piano was a treasure of Emily’s, which she enjoyed playing throughout her life.

Emily graduated in 1997 from Durham College as a graphic designer. Immediately after graduation, she began her career in Calgary in the newspaper industry working as a graphic designer.

The Columbia Valley was home for 15 years where she continued her career as a graphic designer for the Columbia Valley Pioneer. Her gift of design was enjoyed by all in the weekly publications.

It has been said by many that Emily lived her life with humility and interacted in a quiet, gentle and unassuming way, and that she tread lightly upon this earth. Her laughter and her wonderful sense of humour lightened the steps of the people around her.

Emily was known to the gender diverse community through her many years of involvement with peer groups in the East Kootenay region of BC, as a board member of the Steam Boat Mountain Music Festival, her Chisel Peak Blues Band and the Columbia Valley Pioneer, the newspaper where she worked for 15 years.

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