TDoR 2023 / 2023 / April / 10 / Sofia Inés Fernández

Sofia Inés Fernández

Age 39

10 Apr 2023
Pilar, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Killed in custody

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Sofia Inés Fernández
Sofia Inés Fernández [photo:]

Sofia died in custody at a police station in what was claimed to be a suicide by the authorities. A subsequent autopsy however suggested that she was killed in custody.

Sofía Fernández, a 39-year-old transgender girl, was found lifeless on April 11 while she was deprived of her liberty in a cell at the 5th Presidente Derqui police station. The officers who were at the police headquarters that night first said that she had died of a sudden death, then that she had committed suicide, although the victim's relatives insist that she was murdered.

Beyond the police account, the autopsy of the victim's body revealed a terrifying fact that caused the case to take an unexpected turn when the Public Prosecutor's Office reported to TN that "Sofía had a thong and a piece of mattress in her throat, which obstructed her airways".

At the moment ten troops accused of breaching the duties of a public official are being investigated by the Justice of Pilar. This Monday a key investigation will be carried out, which could complicate the case even more.

Report added: 20 Apr 2023. Last updated: 13 Nov 2023

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