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Name Unknown

Age 15

10 Apr 2023
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Name Unknown

The victim died by suicide. His identity was not reported, but reportedly his parents were not supportive of his transition.

A 15-year-old trans boy commits suicide: "His parents did not accept a debate about his identity"

The news has been released by a teacher from that same institute.[Name redacted], a science teacher, who lives in Saigon, Vietnam, has been the one who has released the news through his Twitter profile. This situation has not taken long to go viral on networks, since the news makes the whole world shudder.

"Last night a 15-year-old trans student took their own life. The parents did not accept any debate about their identity. The mother made him emotional blackmail by taking his own life. In the end, she changed hers for grief. And then they refuse to give them education sexual-affective. I shit on everything, "shared the Sevillian from the Vietnamese city.

Although Alejandro did not teach the student, he made it clear that he knew him because he belonged to the school's LGBT club " so we met from time to time ." This news shocked and saddened all Twitter users.

Report added: 20 Apr 2023. Last updated: 13 Nov 2023

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