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La Pemona

Age 34

2 Apr 2023
Tucupita, Delta Amacuro (Venezuela)

La Pemona
La Pemona [photo:]

The remains of La Pemona were reportedly found with those of two other people.

She was a trans woman of the Pemona ethnic group, originally from the state of Bolívar who worked as a hairdresser and made crafts.

Refusing to leave Tucupita, Delta Amacuro state, until she was honest and consolidated her love relationship, she slowly dug her own grave.

According to rumors from former prisoners, Ántoni Medina Lezama, 34, alias “Pemona” by virtue of his origin, died in a massacre in the jungle of Villa Bolivariana, Tucupita municipality, along with two other people.

Among the bones found were hers. It is presumed that she may have hidden “merchandise” stolen from a minor drug trafficker, paying for it with her life.

La Pemona has previously been confined for 6 years in the Guasina Police Detention and Protection Center.

Her confinement lasted six years. One of them, under the prison government of the “Taliban”, suffering an intense and unspeakable martyrdom, until the light came on and he was able to [leave] the Guasina Police Retention and Protection Center in Tucupita.

[Deadname] Lezama, 32 years old, is a Pemon indigenous native of Santa Elena de Uairén, Bolívar state. From a very young age she felt within herself an intense sensation of being in the wrong body and decided to carve herself, progressively, to the extent possible, a woman's figure by refining her features and polishing her manners.

Grateful for life, offering her energies and her being to the Almighty in return for the second chance she was given, she wants to leave behind certain attitudes and behaviors of her youthful past. “I was too rebellious with my loved ones, today I am different, I want to show them that I have changed and make them forget those moments.”

“I have learned to forgive, to have mercy on everyone, just as God has mercy on me. Whatever they do against me, I forgive them and give them my hand,” she revealed.

Report added: 20 Nov 2023

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