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Emmily Rodrigues

Age 26

30 Mar 2023
Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Emmily Rodrigues
Emmily Rodrigues [photo:]

Emmily died after falling from the sixth floor of an apartment building. A businessman was arrested in connection with her death.

A 26-year-old Brazilian died on Thursday, 30, after falling from the sixth floor of a building located in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Emmily Rodriguez was found still alive, lying in the courtyard of the building, and businessman Francisco Sáenz Valiente was suspected of murder.

According to the local newspaper La Nacion, the emergency was triggered by a person who reported that the young woman was "disturbed" in the apartment and that she threw herself. She had earlier arrived at the building in a pickup truck registered in the name of a relative.

The suspect was arrested on February 27, in Lisbon, when he was trying to leave Europe and return to Brazil.

Investigators of Rodriguez's death are awaiting the results of the autopsy performed on the body of the young Brazilian. According to what Sáenz Valiente told the police, he was at the property accompanied by Emmily and another Brazilian, identified as Juliana Magalhães Mourão, 37 years old. The three, according to information from the businessman, had ingested alcoholic beverages.

“Sáenz Valiente said that the 26-year-old, who has not been identified, got upset and approached a window facing the street, but since she was unable to open it, she went to another sector and jumped out of another window that overlooks the street. from the building,” police sources said. This was the first time that Emmily went to the businessman's apartment.

Juliana would have informed the Argentine police that she was a friend of the victim and the suspect. "The witness said that there was an argument between her friend and Sáenz Valiente and that everything got worse to the point that Emmily physically attacked the man, and then tried to jump out of the window facing the street, but she couldn't," the authorities said. The young woman was rescued, but died when she was transferred to Hospital Fernández.

Now, the Police are trying to clarify the circumstances in which the death occurred, as a neighbor would have seen a body struggle before the victim fell from the apartment. “We have to clarify whether this woman jumped or was thrown. And if she did, in what context did she make that decision," a source in the case told the Telam news agency.,107437.fhtml,bf9825f98fc71aad80bfef0eb6a6eb79exhbneu9.html,d6bf2c807b07350e6b0890f45b97e18efjuk69ym.html,9723dd716bea780ac3b267bdab251aa2wknurxvk.html

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