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Age 64

7 Feb 2023
Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)

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Sandra died after being stabbed in the neck by her abusive partner at their home in the Sant Martí area of Barcelona. Police arrested him at the scene.

This Tuesday the Mossos d'Esquadra arrested a man accused of killing his partner in Barcelona. The victim, who was known in the Sant Martí neighborhood as Sandra, lived as a woman despite the fact that her identity documents [were in her deadname]. The couple had a history of abuse, according to police sources. The residents of the gigantic social block of the Barcelona City Council, on carrer de la Selva de Mar, confirmed that fights were common on the tenth floor apartment where they had lived for at least a year.

When the Catalan police arrived at the property after 10 in the morning, they found Sandra badly injured with various stab wounds. Her partner, José María, 52, has been arrested by the Mossos and she died shortly after. Neighbors say that the night before, Sandra asked the tenants on her landing for help after a new fight with her partner , who lives with mental health problems that caused him to be periodically admitted to hospitals. "He's going to kill me," they say Sandra repeated on several occasions.

"You could see it coming," lamented Manuel Olivares, the concierge of the building, where more than 130 families reside, divided into two stairs. The comings and goings of the couple of Sandra and José María were constant. "She told him that if she lived alone she would be better off," laments the man. The same story is repeated among all those who knew the couple. Sometimes dressed in a skirt, but mostly in tracksuits and casual clothes, Sandra identified as a woman even though she had not physically undergone [reassignment surgery]. "And woe to you if you referred to her as a man," say the workers at the nearby pharmacy where they knew both of them.

“If she called herself Sandra, introduced herself as Sandra and claimed to be Sandra, she is Sandra. There is no need to think about it any more," said Carla Antonelli, who does not doubt that the case should be treated as sexist violence, regardless of whether Sandra responded "to the stereotype of a woman." "Or perhaps she is she less of a woman before someone gets the first hormone?" Asks the well-known trans activist. And she cites a circular from the Prosecutor's Office from 2011 where she assures that cases that affect transsexual women must be dealt with by courts specialized in sexist violence.

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