TDoR 2023 / 2023 / January / 28 / Rafaela Moraes Izaias

Rafaela Moraes Izaias

Age 28

28 Jan 2023
Porto Ferreira, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Rafaela Moraes Izaias
Rafaela Moraes Izaias [photo:]

Rafaela was stabbed inside a commercial establishment. Her assailant fled but was arrested shortly afterwards.

A [trans woman] was stabbed to death this Saturday night (28), inside a commercial establishment, on Rua João Simão, in the Cristo Redentor neighborhood of Porto Ferreira. The crime was recorded by security cameras.

The images show the killer arriving in front of the scene. Then he pulls out the knife and goes after the [trans woman] who tries to take shelter inside the store, but ends up being stabbed several times in front of several people. After the crime, the murderer fled, but ended up arrested by the PM on Avenida Ângelo Ramos. He still had the knife.

Reinaldo Aparecido Cruz was taken to the police station, where he was booked in flagrante delicto and then taken to the São Carlos Triage Center.

The victim, identified as [deadname] Moraes Izaias was rescued by the Fire Department and taken to the municipal emergency room, but did not resist her injuries. The motive for the crime was not disclosed.

Report added: 8 Feb 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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