TDoR 2023 / 2023 / January / 27 / Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Age 50

27 Jan 2023
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Possible suicide

Name Unknown

The victim died in circumstances which suggest suicide. Her identity was not reported.

A 50-year-old trans woman fell from a 25th floor in a building in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo and the causes of death are being investigated.

A cell phone from the 14B Neighborhood Police Station of the City Police was moved by 911 to Juan B. Justo Avenue at 1000, where the victim was left lifeless when she fell on a metal structure eaves.

When consulted by private security personnel who work in that tower, he said that moments before, screams and a loud noise had been heard, confirming that she had fallen or been thrown into the condominium.

The Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor's Office number 13 , in charge of Marcelo Roma , ordered the presence of the Mobile Criminal Unit (UCM) and authorized the City Fire Department to enter the apartment where the deceased lived in order to determine if another person was found. person in the house, with a negative result.

After that, the prosecutor's office ordered to initiate proceedings for the investigation of suicide since, according to records, the woman who died this Thursday had tried to take her own life on September 30, 2021.

Report added: 8 Feb 2023. Last updated: 12 Feb 2023

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