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Name Unknown

8 Dec 2022
Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico)

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Name Unknown

The body of the victim was found near the Remedios river. Her partner has been charged with her murder.

This is the first time a suspect has been prosecuted for femicide against a trans woman in Mexico.

Note that the date and location of her murder is not known - the report only came to light as a result of a press conference about the femicide charge by the Mexican Attorney General.

"We managed to get a control judge, for the first time in Mexico City, to link a man to the trial for his probable participation in the crime of femicide, to the detriment of a person who is a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, with a trans identity," Ernestina Godoy, Attorney General of Justice of the capital declared this Thursday.

The Femicide Investigation Prosecutor began the investigation after the discovery of the victim's body near the Rio de los Remedios according to Godoy in a message to the media. "From the testimonies collected and the intelligence work we carried out, it was possible to point to her sentimental partner, Gustavo 'N' as the person who possibly attacked the victim with an object, after they had argued," the prosecutor explained.

The Prosecutor's Office determined that, after the death of the woman, whose name was not revealed, the defendant allegedly "transferred and manipulated the body from the scene of the killing."

The event marks a milestone in Mexico, considered the second country in Latin America with the most violence due to homophobia and transphobia, after Brazil, according to the National Observatory of LGBT Hate Crimes of the Rainbow Foundation.

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