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Luciana Desiré Vaca

Age 34

26 Oct 2022
La Paz (Bolivia)

Luciana Desiré Vaca
Luciana Desiré Vaca [photo:]

Luciana died by suicide just over two months after an attack by her ex-boyfriend on 14th August left her wheelchair bound.

Luciana Desiré Vaca Juárez, trans model and human rights defender of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex (LGBTI) community, was found dead on Tuesday, October 25, in an apartment she rented in the city of La Paz.

Violence, intolerance, discrimination and impunity put an end to it. Luciana Desiré, 34, won the crown of Miss La Paz Trans in 2017 and Miss World Bolivia Trans in 2019. She had a "busy" agenda until August of this year when her ex-lover Dan AR changed her life by stabbing her eight times while she was sleeping. The damage was irreversible and she was left in a wheelchair.

Since then, Luciana Desiré has never been the same. Diana Málaga, president of the La Paz Organization of Travestis, Transgenders and Transsexuals (OTRAF), said that her friend felt “oppressed” and a “burden” for those around her. Her rhythm of life had changed quite a bit; she went from participating in various activities to remaining in a wheelchair and depending on others.

“Luciana has been miss trans from La Paz and Bolivia. She felt cramped and oppressed able by the activity that she had left open to her. She was a person who was not still and became dazed. They did not find her attacker and she feared that he would come back to look for her to finish what he had started. In addition to all that, there are bad people who wrote to her telling her that she deserved what she was going through, that practically this was a punishment that God had given her. It was not easy at all,” she noted.

After the violent attack, Vaca Juárez moved from La Paz to Cochabamba, where she was living with one of her brothers. On Thursday, October 20, she arrived in the wonderful city because she had to pick up her disability card, but she was found dead the day she planned to return to Llajta.

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