TDoR 2023 / 2022 / October / 24 / Chiara Colombini

Chiara Colombini

Age 19

24 Oct 2022
Naples, Campania (Italy)

Chiara Colombini

Chiara took her own life while her mother was out of the house. She had suffered bullying and abuse since deciding to affirm her gender identity at age 17.

Chiara, a 19-year-old girl and victim of bullying and discrimination because she was transgender, a took her own life in her home in Naples. Her story was told by the Gay Center in Rome, to which the young woman turned two years ago when she was 17, asking for help from the toll-free number against homotransphobia.

"Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with that?" she had reported to the operators. The problems at home, the school she had had to leave to protect herself from bullies, the violent rejection of those on the street who kept pointing at her. Thanks to the center, she had found the courage to denounce what she was suffering through the inter-force Observatory of the Ministry of the Interior against discriminatory acts and had been welcomed into a community and supported by LGBT + associations. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough. In desperation, she waited until her mother was not home to perform her last act.

Report added: 29 Oct 2022. Last updated: 19 Nov 2022

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