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Mayté Mejía

Age 28

9 Oct 2022
Calaraca, Quindio (Colombia)

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Mayté Mejía
Mayté Mejía [photo:]

Mayté died in hospital after being stabbed in the early hours of Sunday 9th October. She had previously reported receiving threats.

In the El Bosque de Armenia park sector, a young transgender woman identified as Mayte Mejía was fatally wounded. This 28-year-old person was attacked with a knife in events that occurred yesterday, Sunday, in the early hours of the morning at around 4:20 a.m.

The case was reported to agents of the National Police in Quindío, so units of the CAI located a few meters away quickly came to the scene, who proceeded to help the victim and in an official vehicle transferred her to the hospital in the South. There, unfortunately the doctors could not do anything to save her, because the damage to her body was irreversible.

It was learned that Mayte was a leader of the LGTBI community and that she had received some intimidation due to complaints she made about insecurity problems that are affecting precisely that population.

Report added: 18 Oct 2022. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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