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Chocolatito Anzora

24 Sep 2022
Conchagua, La Unión (El Salvador)

Chocolatito Anzora
Chocolatito Anzora [photo:]

Chocolatito died by suicide. Reportedly discrimination and the lack of support from her family were major factors in her death.

Colectivo LGBT+ "Perlas de Oriente" confirmed that the transgender woman "took her own life due to discrimination and lack of support from her family" . The report of her death from her remains low profile, however, some of her acquaintances from her referred to her by her last name, Anzora; but she was known as "Chocolatito" , and lived in the municipality of Conchagua, in La Unión.

Anzora, like other gender-diverse people, has been the victim of harassment and intolerance in the country. A similar case occurred in the municipality of Ahuachapán, on June 18, 2021. The Anzora case, however, did not finalize details about her death. However, Anzora's death has been added to the unofficial statistics that LGBT organizations have collected since the 1990s.

Anzora was a transgender woman, known to colleagues and activists in LGBT institutions. Yesterday afternoon, the lawyer and activist Karla Guevara from the Alejandría Collective, expressed her “anger and rejection” of her, among other things, for her material loss from her. "She took her own life yesterday, a victim of the rejection of her family and society in general ," she detailed, referring to information acquired by the institution that the victim represented, Colectivo LGTBIQ Estrellas del La Union Gulf.

“ The first thing the mother asks is that they cut her hair and dress her in men's clothing, which is outrageous and reprehensible. May you find eternal rest, sister!” , Guevara added, he added, from the information cited. He also valued, in response to a revictimizing society, that "the worst thing is that they don't even respect our identity when they are dead..." .

Social organizations such as the Perlas de Oriente Collective lamented the loss of Chocolatito. From their official virtual sites, they expressed their “deepest condolences for the death of our colleague Trans De Conchagua La Unión, member of the LGTBIQ Collective Estrellas del Golfo La Unión” . And they exclaimed “God receive you in Glory Sister."

Report added: 27 Sep 2022. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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