TDoR 2022 / 2022 / June / 11 / Cloe Bianco

Cloe Bianco

Age 58

11 Jun 2022
Belluno (Italy)

Cloe Bianco
Cloe Bianco [photo:]

Cloe died by suicide. She was a teacher who had been suspended by her school after coming out.

Cloe Bianco was a transsexual italian woman and teacher, who was suspended for three days when she decided to come out and was then permanently removed from teaching.

Cloe killed herself by setting her camper on fire and, before doing so, she announced it in a post on her blog dedicated to transgender people. In the same post she attached a copy of her living will and the holographic one, documents which she explained that she left next to her body along with the book she had written about her experiences and decision to become Cloe.

She was 58 years old.

Report added: 17 Jun 2022. Last updated: 5 Jul 2022

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