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Melany Fox

8 May 2022
Irapuato, Guanajuato (Mexico)
Killed by a drunk driver

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Melany Fox
Melany Fox [photo:]

Melany was killed along with Pepa, Paris, Trini and Ángel when the taxi they were riding in was hit by a drunk driver.

On the early morning of May 8 that a fatal accident that shocked the LGBTQI + community was recorded. The events occurred on calle 5 de febrero at approximately 03:2 in the morning.

Roberto was driving drunk towards Casimiro Liceaga street, in the Álvaro Obregón neighborhood, in the company of a woman, who moments before through the window asked members of the municipal police for help, since he had sexually violated her. and was hitting her. Police began to follow the unit, they asked him to stop; however, Roberto did not obey the orders and increased the speed.

Upon reaching the corner of 5 de Febrero Street, the traffic light was red, but he ignored it and went straight ahead, his vehicle collidedwith the left side of a taxi traveling on calle Casimiro Liceaga. In the taxi were the five victims were leaving a bar and had opted for this means of transport in order to travel more safely.

After the impact, the taxi was thrown and hit the facade of a pharmacy, causing the five women, along with the driver to instantly lose their lives at the scene. The woman who was in the car with the accused was also injured, and damage caused to road signs and the pharmacy building.

Both families and members of the community of sexual diversity have repeatedly demonstrated to demand justice and more severe punishments for those who drive while intoxicated.

Report added: 14 May 2022. Last updated: 13 Jul 2023

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