TDoR 2022 / 2022 / April / 20 / Morgana


Age 41

20 Apr 2022
Rome, Lazio (Italy)
Not reported


Morgana's body was found in the street. She was homeless and her identity was not released at the time of her death.

Mysterious death in Northern Rome, a stone's throw from the Olympic Stadium, in Piazza Antonio Mancini. Here a 41-year-old Colombian [trans woman] was found dead in the street, still wearing all her personal belongings, wallet, cell phone and documents. This detail made it easy to identify the identity of the trans [woman] who had been reported to the authorities several times because she was irregularly present on the national territory and was homeless.

The report, as often happens, was made by a passer-by who noticed the lifeless body of the [trans woman] at the edge of the square at around 2am on Wednesday 20, triggering the Ares 118 rescue car and the intervention of the carabinieri.

All the leads are examined, but apparently it would appear neither an attack nor a robbery but at present nothing can be excluded and the autopsy on the body of the South American will be decisive. The carabinieri of the investigative unit of via in Selci and those of via Trionfale are also on site as far as they are concerned.

The first findings of the coroner did not reveal any injury but among the hypotheses under consideration there is also that of a death from overdose , which would generate a consequent investigation for death deriving from another crime.

Now the police have taken over the surveillance images of the cameras in Piazza Mancini in order to better analyze them and understand what happened.

A Columbian trans woman was found dead on the street north of Rome, Italy 8 days ago. No name, given. One local article states that all of her belongings were with her and another on a national paper states that her purse was missing. The local article states that she was 41 and the national one that she was 51. The most likely article to be right is the local one. On the national one allegations are made about overdosing (without any proof of course, this is unfortunately common practice in Italian journalism, based on my research, the last trans woman to be dead for overdose is one killed in 2008, but if it's a non-Italian sex-worker, papers will often claim overdose when there's no proof because noone has ever challenged them in court). There were no apparent signs of struggle and an autopsy is apparently being conducted but 8 days later I still cannot find the results of it on a paper. RIP.

Report added: 8 May 2022. Last updated: 11 Sep 2022

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