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Melina Zurita Plaza

Age 41

20 Dec 2021
Guayaquil, Guayas (Ecuador)
Cosmetic filler complications

Melina Zurita Plaza
Melina Zurita Plaza [photo:]

Melina died from a cardiac arrest following a cosmetic filler injection by a friend.

Melina Zurita Plaza, a 41-year-old trans woman, agreed with a friend to place biopolymers on her hips, in a house located in Guasmo Sur (Guayaquil). However, the result was deadly .

Danna Zurita, the victim's sister, told Glance that Melina moved last Monday, December 20, to the hairdresser of another trans woman who was her friend, who would have offered to do the procedure .

That day, Melina had silicone placed on her hips , which caused her to go into cardiac arrest. Given this, according to statements by Danna, the woman who placed the material fled the site , leaving her in that state. Subsequently, her sister suffered a second cardiac arrest , which ultimately ended her life.

The National Police were alerted to the fact, and arrived at the place to carry out the respective report and lift the body. "In the autopsy they determined that they had put the oil (biopolymer) wrong," said Zurita.

In addition, Zurita also said that, a week before his sister's procedure, another woman had undergone the same practice and, like Melina, almost lost her life. According to the family, on Thursday, December 30, they will file the respective complaint.

According to Diane Rodríguez , director of the Silhouette X Association, this case adds the second death in 2021 of a trans woman due to the placement of biopolymers . In June, a similar case also occurred in Guayaquil , he said.

Biopolymers are synthetic macromolecules, commonly used illegally in Aesthetic Medicine as tissue filler material . However, it is known that its effects range from multiple local and systemic complications , which sometimes manifest themselves immediately, and sometimes even years later, as well as can cause the death of patients.

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