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Cesi de Rosas ("Mamá Osa")

Age 36

21 Nov 2021
Uxpanapa, Veracruz (Mexico)

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Cesi de Rosas ("Mamá Osa")
Cesi de Rosas ("Mamá Osa") [photo:]

Cesi and a cisgender man who was with her were both shot dead inside Cesi's home by armed assilants. A woman named Raquel was also injured in the attack.

Cesi de Rosas , a trans woman affectionately known to her loved ones as Mama Osa , was murdered on November 21, 2021, inside her own home located in the municipality of Uxpanapa , Veracruz state.

According to local media, the crime occurred around 5:40 am Cesi was inside her house located on Venustiano Carranza street, almost on the corner of Corregidora, when she was shot at . Along with her was killed a man whose identity has not been disclosed. In addition, a woman named Raquel was injured and was taken to a hospital.

The circumstances in which Mama Osa was murdered are symptomatic of transphobic violence in Veracruz. Cesi was just 36 years old. In other words, she was barely 1 year older than the average lifespan of trans people in Latin America, which according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is 35 years.

In addition, Cesi Rosas was murdered in Veracruz, a state where in 2021 at least 16 other hate crimes against gay men and trans women are counted . But Cesi is much more than a figure. She is a person who will be loved and remembered in her community. Mama Osa was a hard-working trans woman who struggled to get ahead. She was known in Uxpanapa for taking care of her business , the Las Potras bar . In addition, she was dedicated to the sale of shoes , the quintessential product of the Jáltipan community, where she was originally from.

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