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Age 53 (born 18 Feb 1968)

8 Nov 2021
Sobral, Ceará (Brazil)

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Larraya [photo:]

Larraya died from her injuries after being attacked in the street while crossing the road. A man was subsequently arrested.

The Military Police of Ceará arrested, this Monday (8), José de Oliveira Sousa, 43, suspected of killing the [trans woman] Larraya , 53, in Sobral, in the northern region of the state. The crime took place in the early morning of this Monday, in the center of the city, and was recorded by security cameras at nearby commercial establishments.

In the images, Larraya is crossing the street at the crosswalk when José comes running from behind and pulls her by the arm. He even tugs at her hair before pushing her to the ground.

José was captured by the police in the morning, around 9 am, in Praça do Patrocínio, and taken to the Regional Civil Police Precinct in Sobral. There, he was booked in the act of murder and then taken to the Regional Industrial Penitentiary in the municipality.

According to information from the Police, the man is already responsible for another homicide that took place in 2015. At the time, he was imprisoned for only five months.

Report added: 10 Nov 2021. Last updated: 8 Nov 2022

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