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Gabriella Irente ("Hanna")

Age 24 (born 3 Oct 1997)

3 Oct 2021
Suzano, São Paulo (Brazil)
Not reported

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Gabriella Irente ("Hanna")
Gabriella Irente ("Hanna") [photo:]

Gabriella was a well known nightclub performer and artist whose body was found on Sunday 3rd October - her birthday. Her case has been registered as a suspicious death.

Prior to her death she had been preparing to record a CD of her own music.

A 24-year-old transsexual woman was found dead on Sunday night (3), around 19:00, on Avenida Senador Roberto Simonsen, in the Cidade Cruzeiro do Sul neighborhood, in Suzano.

According to information from the State Secretariat for Public Security (SSP), military police were called to attend to the occurrence and, at the indicated address, they located the victim. The Fire Department was called and certified the death. The case was registered as a suspicious death by the city's police station, which requested expert investigators.

Fórum Mogiano LGBT published a press released in which it states that the victim is the young Gabriella Irente, “Hanna”, who was found on her birthday, October 3rd. The forum expressed deep regret for the death. According to the note, Hanna, as she was known on stage, shone as an artist in a nightclub in Mogi, was Miss Drag Revelation in 2019, special attraction at the LGBT Parade in Mogi das Cruzes, at Bloco Mogi das Queens and other events.

“She was found lifeless near Lagoa Azul in Suzano, with no apparent signs of violence, awaiting analysis by the Legal Medical Institute (IML). We express our solidarity and feelings to all family and friends, for this sad loss”, highlighted the note.

In January 2021 Gabriella has been interviewed by [[]]:

Gabriella Irente, 23, is a singer and was born in Suzano. Her family is of Italian and Spanish descendants. Her transition started after she finished her studies because, according to her, it would be more difficult to start while she was studying because of the problems she would face at school. “It was a phase of self-knowledge and acceptance. In the beginning, it was very complicated by the lack of knowledge and not knowing what was happening to me”, says the singer. But something helped her a lot: the appearance of drag [performers] and trans [people] in the media. “It became much easier to understand myself,” she says.

For Suzanense, the issue of work is very complicated: “When companies discover that you are trans, the vacancy magically disappears or they say that they don't need you anymore” she says. She says that the biggest difficulty is acceptance with other employees and the board. “The vast majority of companies still have a very conservative body of directors” comments the singer.

Regarding prejudice, she told of one experience: “Three years ago when I started the process of transition I was prevented from using a women's dressing room in a store in the city because, at the time, I didn't have a very “feminine” appearance. Security pulled me out of the dressing room and publicly humiliated me in front of a store full of people. I don't buy anything at that store anymore”

The singer is emphatic in saying what needs to be improved for trans and the entire LGBTQI+ community: “The acceptance and understanding of people about us. We are human beings like everyone else. In addition, we also need more visibility on a daily basis” said Gabriella.

Gabriella's Facebook profile is

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