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Alessandra Drummond

Age 29 (born 11 Sep 1992)

16 Sep 2021
Rio Verde, Goiás (Brazil)

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Alessandra Drummond
Alessandra Drummond [photo:]

Alessandra was shot by a client. She was the second trans woman killed in Rio Verde in less than two weeks, following Hevelyn Montine on 4th September.

A [trans woman] aged 29 was killed with a shot to the face after an alleged fight with a customer in the early hours of Friday (16) in Rio Verde in southwest Goiás. A video shows the victim approaching a vehicle and being shot by an assailant in the car. Other people at the scene then rushed to try to help her.

According to the Civil Police, the [trans woman] worked as a [sex worker] and the suspicion is that she was killed after a disagreement with the shooter, who was her client. The case is being investigated, but as of 3:00 pm, the police still have no leads on the perpetrator.

After being shot in the face, the victim was rescued and taken to the city's Emergency Care Unit. She arrived alive, but died in the facility.

A suspect was arrested for Alessandra's murder on Friday 1st October.

A 37-year-old businessman in the towing of vehicles was arrested this Friday (1), suspected of killing a [trans woman] with a shot in the face last month, in Rio Verde in the southwest of Goiás. The crime was recorded by a security camera.

The suspect was pre-emptively detained at home and is awaiting a custody hearing with the judiciary. His name was not released by the Civil Police.

Alessandra's Facebook profile is

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