TDoR 2021 / 2021 / September / 05 / Kadir Murat Sözübir

Kadir Murat Sözübir

Age 42

5 Sep 2021
Fatih, Istanbul (Turkey)

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Kadir Murat Sözübir
Kadir Murat Sözübir [photo:]

Kadir was stabbed by a client after he discovered she was trans. Her killer has been arrested.

In Fatih, a person named Abdürrahim E. stabbed Murat Sözübir to death when he went to her house. The person who claimed that he went to Sözübir for the purpose of sex was arrested on the charge of 'deliberate killing' and sent to prison.

Trans [woman] Kadir Murat Sözübir (42) was stabbed 6 times in her own home on September 5 in Fatih. Sözübir, who was an amateur vocalist who shared videos of her singing on her Youtube channel, died in the hospital where she had been taken. The suspect Abdürrahim E. (25) surrendered to the police in Tekirdag along with the knife he used in the crime.

The suspect claimed that he went to Murat's house for the purpose of sexual intercourse, and when he realized that Sözübir was trans, he killed her in a struggle that took place while trying to get back the 100 TL he gave her. Abdürrahim E., who also made a self-defense defense, was arrested on the charge of "deliberate killing" and sent to prison.

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"The other half of my face was broken in a brass-embroidered mirror. Everyone was sleeping. Azan sounds were heard in the hijaz maqam in Istanbul. Half of my face is mine, I always tell half stories with half of my face. I'm not even invisible!"

Kadir's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles are, and Her YouTube channel is,978841

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