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Amélia Ada Louise Chavot

Age 27

10 Jul 2021
Berlin (Germany)

Amélia Ada Louise Chavot
Amélia Ada Louise Chavot [photo:]

Amelia died by suicide. She was a software developer who had written several games.

Her partner said this about her:

Amelia inspired many in her life. She encouraged people to be themselves, to learn and be better. She was an activist and an advocate for trans issues but also for other marginalized groups. She brought softness to any group and worked for more accessibility and understanding wherever she went.

In 2018 Amélia gave an interview to Represent Me in which she talked about her involvement in the game industry, and her representation and aspirations for the future working as an LBGT+ person in that industry.

Her Twitter and GitHub profiles are and Her personal website is She also had Global Game Jam and profiles at and

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