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Fanny Argüello Jaqueline Sánchez Sampirolly

2 Jul 2021
Villa Comaltitlán, Chiapas (Mexico)

Fanny Argüello Jaqueline Sánchez Sampirolly
Fanny Argüello Jaqueline Sánchez Sampirolly [photo:]

Fanny was the founder of Diana Sacayán AC. She died after posting a Facebook post requesting help to recharge an oxygen tank.

Fanny Arguello Sánchez, president of the civil association "Diana Sacayán, transformarse es vivir" A.C ["Diana Sacayán, transforming is living" AC], died last Saturday due to Covid-19 in Villa Comaltitlán. Her death shocked the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Transvestite, Queer and Intersex (LGBTTTIQ +) defense organizations, who saw her as a promoter of the fight for human rights.

Arguello Sánchez founded the association and led the group up to grow to over 100 members. In their first demands, they called for an end to harassment and acts of violence during their working hours in sex work.

Later, and with the support of Aida Jiménez Sesma, they put forward the "Trans Identity Law", which sought to reform articles 41, 43 and 101, in addition to adding articles 101 bis and 101 ser of the civil code of the state of Chiapas, in order to guarantee the right to recognition of people's identity. However, since 2019 the law has not advanced. The stagnation of the initiative mobilized Arguello and the members of the association. The organization "Diana Sacayan" on several occasions condemned transfeminicides that occurred in the state, at the same time, demanded justice given the impunity of the events.

The State Commission for Human Rights and the Network for Sexual Inclusion expressed their consternation at her death, recognizing her work on behalf of the transgender population in Chiapas. The story of Fanny Arguello's transition and struggle was documented in 2016 on this website, there she explains the need for an identity law and respect for the human rights of the trans population.

Fanny Argüello was one of the first LGBT activists I met. Hearing his story was my first approach to the Trans population, which in those years I still didn't understand.

Sometimes it's not about the friendships you enter, she probably didn't know my name. But she moved a lot in me that day, and was inspiration to be more visible.

Lots of light to the traveler.

Fanny's Facebook profile is

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