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Claudia Madonna Ramírez

26 May 2021
Jamundí, Valle del Cauca (Colombia)
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Claudia Madonna Ramírez
Claudia Madonna Ramírez [photo:]

Claudia's body was found in the street near a shopping centre.

The inhabitants of Jamundí are dismayed by the discovery of the lifeless body of a trans woman on Carrera 8 with Calle 12 near the Caña Dulce shopping center. Locals initially recognized her as Claudia and the authorities later fully identified her as Claudia Ramírez. Claudia was well liked in the area.

According to information from witnesses who discovered her body, they were on the way to their workplace when they noticed something which resembled a human figure by the side of the road. When they approached they made the macabre discovery of the lifeless body of the person. They immediately reported to the authorities.

After having already confirmed this information, the police cordoned off the site in order to collect evidence that may lead to the discovery of evidence to determine if it is homicide, or natural causes (since there were no injuries to her body).

Claudia's Facebook profile is

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