TDoR 2021 / 2021 / May / 13 / S. Saira Mamani

S. Saira Mamani

Age 24

13 May 2021
Arequipa (Peru)
Cosmetic filler complications

S. Saira Mamani

S. died in hospital on four days after being injected with silicone filler. The friend who injected her was subsequently arrested.

Arequipa. Agents from the Divincri Homicide area ordered that Nian Wong Gutiérrez Carazas be investigated for the alleged crimes against life, body and health, in the degree of homicide against a person from the LGTBI community.

The police learned that on the afternoon of Sunday, May 9, Gutiérrez Carazas [Niam Wong Gutierrez], an obstetrics student, injected her friend, named [deadname] Saira Mamani (24), with liquid silicone (known as airplane oil) to the buttocks.

That same night, the trans woman felt intense pain and took painkillers, but the infection was chronic and she was transferred to the Goyeneche hospital. She passed away on Thursday, May 13 after dying for four days.

On the morning of May 17, Gutiérrez Carazas was summoned to Divincri to give testimony. Her lawyer Gabriel Juan del Prado Álvarez (23) also appeared at the scene.

Homicide personnel identified that the defense card of the [lawyer] may be false and proceeded to verify the document. This revealed and the alleged lawyer did not have any title registry in his name. The fake lawyer was then arrested.

Report added: 13 Jun 2021. Last updated: 8 Jul 2021

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