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Emanuelly Castro

Age 26

26 Apr 2021
Cedral, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Emanuelly Castro
Emanuelly Castro [photo:]

Emanuelly's body was found in a stream on the afternoon of Monday 26th April.

Cedral's delegate, Marcelo Ferrari, opened on Tuesday, 27, a police investigation to investigate the death of [trans woman] Emanuelly Castro, 36 years old. Her body was found on Monday afternoon, 26, in a stream, near Jardim Galante, in the same city.

The body was found submerged, next to a rain pipe. Although no signs of violence were found, the police chief wants to know what caused the death. The body was identifiedby a relative of the victim.

According to the police report, the last time the victim had been seen was on Saturday night, 24, in a bar. The owner of the establishment told the police that she left after taking a phone call saying "she was going to make a program".

The victim's cell phone was found near the body. The device will be investigated by the Institute of Criminalistics to find out with whom she kept her last contacts. Emanuelly's body was released for burial and the burial took place on Tuesday, at the municipal cemetery of Cedral.

Two suspects - a 16-year-old teenager and a 26-year-old man - were subsequently arrested.

The Civil Police of Cedral (SP) managed to identify the suspects of killing the 36-year-old [trans woman] Emanuelly Castro, whose body was found inside a sewer pipe, last Monday (26).

According to the Civil Police, a 16-year-old teenager and a 26-year-old man were located and taken to the police station to give evidence. The Military Police assisted in the searches. Investigators managed to reach the minor after listening to witnesses and discovering that the suspect had sold Emanuelly's cell phone to her own father.

The man was taken to the police station because the Civil Police gathered elements that indicated his participation in the crime. Another 27-year-old boy was also questioned, but was subsequently released while the investigation continues.

According to the Civil Police, investigators found that the suspects invited the [trans woman] to go to an area of ​​forest that is close to the Cedral railway line. The teenager announced the robbery, asked the victim to hand over her belongings and beat her with a club on the head. Then the minor ordered the victim to unlock her cell phone, struck her again and pulled the body into the sewer pipe.

Willian Merge Rodrigues, 26, is to stand trial for Emanuelly's murder in November 2021.

Emanuelly's Facebook profile is

Report added: 1 May 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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