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Tiffany Thomas

Age 38

24 Apr 2021
Dallas, Texas (USA)

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Tiffany Thomas
Tiffany Thomas [photo:]

Tiffany was shot at a carwash.

On April 24, 2021 a 38-year-old Black trans woman named Tiffany Thomas was shot and killed at a car wash in the Red Bird section of Dallas. According to police reports, when a police patrol sergeant was notified by a passerby of an unresponsive person lying on the ground at the car wash, the sergeant responded to the location and found the victim unresponsive and with a gunshot wound. Dallas Fire and Rescue responded and pronounced the victim deceased at the scene. Witnesses reported hearing gunshots in the area at around midnight.

There was a delay in reporting her death because her family insists she was not transgender. Tiffany was found wearing female clothing and was identified by media as a trans woman, then those tweets were removed until the Dallas PD finally released today the information that she was “known as Tiffany” while still emphasizing the family denial.

Over at PlanetTransgender, Kelli has more insight:

"To deny that the victim was transgender because the family wants a cishet image presented is a gross injustice. This might have been a hate crime. And to refuse to investigate it with that possibility in mind will lead to more murders of transgender people in the future.

"Tiffany’s exact identity may never be known. The trans community welcomes and affirms her under the trans umbrella, acknowledging her death. There’s no shame for someone AMAB to be wearing women’s clothing at a car wash. It certainly doesn’t mean she deserved to die. Acceeding to the family’s erasure of Tiffany is not only cowardly but a grave disservice to other trans women in Dallas. It is a shameful way to behave."

Tiffany was originally from Fort Worth, Texas and relocated to Mansfield, Texas. They had a Facebook profile in their assigned name at

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