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Luisa Revilla Urcia

Age 49 (born 12 Oct 1971)

15 Apr 2021
Trujillo, La Libertad (Peru)

Luisa Revilla Urcia
Luisa Revilla Urcia [photo:]

Luisa died from COVID-19 two weeks after being admitted to hospital. She was a former mayor of the La Esperanza district of Trujillo.

A terrible loss. RedTrans has confirmed to La Libertad that the ex-mayor of the Trujillo district of La Esperanza, in La Libertad , and trans activist for health rights, Luisa Revilla, died this Thursday morning at the Hospital Regional Docente de Trujillo [Trujillo Regional Teaching Hospital] - a victim of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) .

According to the organization, the also former official of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo fought against COVID-19 for two weeks and was hospitalized in an emergency department in the aforementioned hospital.

“Regret and pain overwhelm our institution. We announce the sensitive death of our founding leader of our institution Luisa Revilla Urcia . Recognition for a woman who is a social fighter, for a country that is inclusive of all. The legacy that Luisa leaves is the legacy that will last in the memory of all trans women in Peru. It marked a milestone in our history ”, the publication reads.

In 2014 Luisa became was the first transgender woman in Peru to be elected as a councilor in the La Esperanza district, and had become a symbol of hope for trans people in Peru. In 2017 she had been presented with an award from the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo in recognition of services to the trans community.

Luisa' Facebook profile is

Report added: 24 Apr 2021

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