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Márcia Marcita

Age 48

9 Apr 2021
Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Márcia Marcita
Márcia Marcita [photo:]

Márcia's body was found in her home with signs of violence on the morning of Friday 9th April. She had not been heard from since 5th April.

A 48-year-old [trans woman], identified as Márcia Marcita, was found dead by a friend this Friday morning (9), in her own residence on rua Egydio Pedreschi, located in the Avelino Alves Palma Industrial Park in the North of Ribeirão Preto.

The friend who found the victim's body, said that they had not heard from Márcia since Monday (5), which led them to go to her home to check the situation. At the scene, they found the victim's body lifeless and with signs of aggression.

The cause of death have not yet been identified by the police and remain a mystery. According to Marcia's colleague, who did not have their identity released, the victim received no threats, but the body was found with blood and explicit marks of violence. "We have no information on this, but there was a lot of malice, the investigators will learn what happened as there were marks," they said.

The case will be investigated by the Civil Police, and so far no suspects have been arrested. The text will be updated as new information about the case is released.

The following day Milena Massafera was murdered in the same city.

Source: Observatório Trans,0,0,1600838,travesti-e-encontrada-morta-na-propria-casa-em-ribeirao-preto.aspx

Report added: 11 Apr 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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