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Rayanna Pardo

Age 26 (born 14 Aug 1994)

17 Mar 2021
Los Angeles, California (USA)
Run over

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Rayanna Pardo
Rayanna Pardo [photo:]

Rayanna was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver - reportedly while trying to escape people who were harassing her.

26-year-old Transgender woman Rayanna Pardo was killed by a drunk driver on Wednesday the 17th of March. She was killed at E. 5th St. and S. Eastern Ave. not far from her home. Her family said she was hit by a car as she was trying to get away from people harassing her.

Security video shows Pardo walking down Eastern Avenue right before she was hit with people following her. Her family wants investigators to look into whether she was pushed or ran into the street to get away from the group.

Many of her friends and family believe that Rayanna was pushed in front of a moving car by her then-boyfriend. CBSLA reports that police have not responded to repeated requests for information.

Rayanna honored in East LA Saturday night with a candlelight vigil. Her family and friends are devastated that she lost her life.

Rest In Peace Rayanna Pardo.

Rayanna's Instagram profile is

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