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Andressa Pimentel ("India")

25 Feb 2021
Marabá, Pará (Brazil)

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Andressa Pimentel ("India")
Andressa Pimentel ("India") [photo:]

Andressa's body was found in undergrowth with gunshot wounds to the neck and chest on the evening of Thursday 25th February. Her left ear was also missing.

The body of a [trans woman], known as “India”, was found without her left ear and with gunshot wounds to her neck and chest, on Thursday night (25), at Rua das Cacimbas, located in Bairro Amapá, Núcleo Cidade Nova, in Marabá.

The images that circulate on the internet show the transvestite immersed in a pool of blood on the ground, with her eyes open, in the middle of the bush. The circumstances of the crime are still unknown, but the possibility of revenge is worked out. She was a drug user.

A Military Police garrison was mobilized to preserve the crime scene. Hours later, a team from the Scientific Expert Center “Renato Chaves” removed the body from the morgue.

In contact with a reporter for the Portal Debate Carajás , delegate Vinícius Cardoso das Neves, director of the 21st Urban Civil Police Section, informed that the case is already being investigated by the Homicide Division, who also attended Rua das Cacimbas last night.

Source: Observatório Trans

Report added: 28 Feb 2021. Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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