TDoR 2021 / 2021 / February / 21 / J. F. Medina Hernández

J. F. Medina Hernández

Age 25

21 Feb 2021
Ciudad Lerdo, Durango (Mexico)
Run over

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J. F. Medina Hernández

J. was killed in a hit and run incident. She died at the scene.

A young [woman] was hit by a truck early yesterday morning on bulevar Miguel Alemán de Lerdo; the person in charge fled and left the scene in Gómez Palacio.

The accident occurred around 05:30 am on Sunday when the now deceased tried to walk across bulevar Miguel Aleman, near the Xtasis bar, in the Villa Jardín neighborhood.

Suddenly, she was hit by a Ford pickup, Ranger line, red, with a white camper, 1996 model and Onappafa plates.

When the driver realized that he had run over a person, he accelerated his car and fled, but when he saw that a taxi driver was following him, he abandoned the truck on calle Alhelí, in front of the house marked with number 126 of the Brittingham neighborhood of Gómez Palacio, and then ran away.

People who were with the victim called for help from the state 911 emergency system. Traffic and highway agents, as well as Red Cross paramedics, came to the scene, but found the young [woman] dead.

The deceased was identified as [deadname] Medina Hernández, 25 years old, residing in the Solidaridad de Gómez Palacio neighborhood. The area was guarded by the personnel of the Municipal Police, who awaited the arrival of the cabinet of the Laguna Region Vice Prosecutor's Office, made up of the agent of the Public Ministry, personnel of the Expert Services Unit and elements of the Crime Investigation Police (PID).

The experts located the corpse of the young [woman], who was wearing women's clothing, lying face down, which at first glance presented various blows, as well as wounds throughout the body, and was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) .

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