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Manuella Otto

Age 25

13 Feb 2021
Manaus, Amazonas (Brazil)

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Manuella Otto
Manuella Otto [photo:]

Manuella was shot in the chest inside a motel room. Her assailant was a military policeman who fled the scene in a vehicle.

On 14th February the police officer Jeremias da Costa Silva surrendered to the police.

Manaus (AM) - A [trans woman] was murdered at dawn this Saturday (13th), inside Motel Minha Pousada, on Avenida Samaúma, in the Monte das Oliveiras neighborhood, in the North Zone of Manaus. The victim, not yet identified, was found shot in the chest in a room at the establishment.

According to police information, the crime occurred around 2 am. The [trans woman] entered the motel accompanied by a man, who later left the establishment driving a white Prisma car. When approaching the lobby alone, the client was stopped by an employee who had heard the gunshot. The man fled and then used the car to break through the motel gate.

The images of the security circuit were analyzed showing the man and the vehicle, which belongs to a military policeman. The Specialized Homicide and Kidnapping Precinct (DEHS) is investigating the crime.

The [trans woman]'s body was admitted at about 4:30 am, on the same day, at the Instituto Médico Legal (IML), where the organ is awaiting recognition by family members.

Manuela was an aspiring journalist, producer and actress who had been forced to resort to sex work to support herself. Unlike many trans people, her family were supportive of her transition.

About four years ago, Manuela decided to start the gender transition process. Contrary to the reality of many other trans people, the young woman had support and love from her family.

The victim's ex-companion, businessman Lucas Picanço, reported to Em Tempo that Manuela worked as an actress, organized events and had a children's theater company.

"We had already participated in several presentations here in Manaus. Manu was taking a course in administration and drawing. She was always looking to learn, and in fact, she studied journalism for a while," said Picanço.

If at home the young girl received all the affection from her family, outside the scenario was quite different, and Manuela was forced to face the contempt and prejudice of society.

"Manu didn't even like to go to the grocery store, because people always made jokes about her appearance, and that bothered her a lot," reported the businessman.

The mistrust and indifference faced by Manuela were not restricted to laughter and prejudiced jokes. She had a hard time getting a job in a job market so hostile to [trans women].

"Without opportunities, Manuela often ended up taking risks and resorted to prostitution to supplement her income. She complained that getting job offers was always very difficult," said Picanço.

On the morning of Friday 19th February Manuella's mother Hylma took part in a protest calling for justice. She said "I lost a great friend and confidant" and that Manuella's smile was what makes her miss her the most.

Manuella's Facebook profile is She also has a Facebook page at

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