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Alessandra Ferrati

Age 19

6 Feb 2021
Punata, Cochabamba (Bolivia)

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Alessandra Ferrati
Alessandra Ferrati [photo:]

Alessandra's body was found in a hotel bed on Saturday 6th February. She had been strangled with an electrical cord.

A young 19-year-old transsexual was found dead today in an accommodation on Calle Ladislao Cabrera. The Police and the Forensic Research Institute (IDIF) carried out the legal removal of the body.

The human rights activist Raiza Torriani explained that the victim was staying at the place with a group of colleagues.

The last heard from her was that she was with a client last night. Today, hearing no answers from her, her companions asked the accommodation administrators to open the door of her room and found her lifeless body, covered with a sheet.

The young woman had the cord of a hair straightener around her neck, the electrical device was used to suffocate her.

“Until when we can continue in this situation of violence. There is a dead companion as if she were an animal and justice does nothing, ”said Torriani.

The activist indicated that this is the first case of death of a transsexual person, but there are 26 other reports of physical and psychological violence against people from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community (LGTB), between January and February of this year.

Members of LGBT groups protest in the main square September 14; They demand justice for Alessandra, a young trans woman murdered last Saturday.

Alessandra was from Montero in the department of Santa Cruz and had arrived in Cochabamba to work, accompanied by several colleagues. She was reportedly planning to stay in the city for just three days. Following her death Alesandra's birth family refused to bring her body home for burial when the activist Raiza Torriani tried to help organise it.

According to the activist [Raiza Torriani], the family has limited resources. Alessandra grew up with her grandparents because her mother has a disability. Her grandmother passed away and the young woman was left in charge of her grandfather. After disclosing her [gender], the family rejected Alessandra, who left her home.

At first, the family made a collection to try to transfer her body to Santa Cruz, however, they abandoned the idea.

“Yesterday I communicated with the uncle and unfortunately he told me that during a family meeting they had decided not to bring her [body] back to Santa Cruz and that the money that the family had collected to able to move her body will be returned as the family are unhappy because, 'he had decided to be that way'. I have now seen [their] psychological and emotional violence", she indicated.

As a result of their rejection, Alessanda's funeral was organised by her true family - her friends and community.

No family member came to the cemetery and it was learned that Alessandra came from Montero, in Santa Cruz, where she has poor relatives. Torriani insisted that "they rejected her", so she finally ended her days accompanied only by her trans companions.

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