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Duda dos Santos

Age 19

2 Feb 2021
Itajaí, Santa Catarina (Brazil)

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Duda dos Santos
Duda dos Santos [photo:]

Duda was shot 5 times in the street shortly after a discussion with a client who reportedly did not want to pay what she was charging.

A 19-year-old transsexual girl was shot dead in Itajaí, Vale, on Tuesday (2). According to the Military Police, a man shot her five times and fled. As of early this evening no suspects had been arrested.

Witnesses informed the PM that the woman had argued with a man who was her client, who was suspicious about the value of a program. He left and then another man appeared and shot the victim.

The crime occurred at dawn in Cordeiros neighborhood. A team of firefighters was at the scene and found the girl's death.

The identity of the woman was not released by the Military Police, which gave no further details on the identification or location of possible suspects.

Although Duda was not named in any news reports, one embedded a video appears to name her as "Zanotta" - but also cautioned that her social name was not known. Subsequently Facebook posts confirmed her name as Duda dos Santos.

Today, Friday, 02/05/2021, the "Act: Nenhuma Vida Trans a Menos!" Took place in Itajaí.

Duda dos Santos, a 19-year-old trans woman, still a girl, was murdered with 5 shots by a hetero-cis-normative man. We need to fight. We need to report !! It is our duty!

Duda's family were supportive of her transition. The article No Dia da Mulher, conheça a história de Duda Santos, trans executada a tiros em Itajaí ("On Women's Day, get to know the story of Duda Santos, shot and killed in Itajaí") - published on International Women's Day - tells a little of her story.

Duda Santos, 19, was the daughter of Jozias and Marli dos Santos, a Christian and traditional couple from Porto União (SC). Ever since she was little, she dreamed of being independent and free. She took his first steps towards her autonomy when, at the age of 16, she decided to [transition and] assume her real identity.

Her transition was accepted by her family, who, without hesitation, resignified the relationship of affection, empathy and respect for their daughter.

“With Duda, we learned a lot about the real meaning of Christian love that we talk about so much. I confess that it was delicate because we never had someone close who had experienced something similar. But over these three years, there were countless discoveries and learnings”, says Jenifer dos Santos, Duda's older sister.

At the age of 18, Duda decided to leave her hometown to live her own life in Itajaí, on the North Coast of Santa Catarina .

“She decided to move out of our city because she dreamt big, wanted to be independent and [undergo breast augmentation]. She decided, and at 18 she went to live”, remembers Jenifer.

Unfortunately, Duda's new life on the North Coast of the State lasted just over a year. On February 2, she was brutally murdered with five point-blank shots at Rua Doutor Reinaldo Schmithausen, in the Cordeiros neighborhood, in Itajaí.

Duda's Facebook profile is

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