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China Rivera

1 Dec 2020
Milan, Lombardy (Italy)
Possible suicide

China Rivera
China Rivera [photo:]

China was admitted to San Raffaele hospital in a coma on 29th November. She died 2 days later.

Last night during the exit with #AlaMilano's #Viadelcampo unit, we learned more about the Peruvian trans girl (China Rivera) who passed away on December 1, but we heard the news a few days later. She was one of our assistants but under a different name, it was really sad, we were in the car all amazed 😟

Her friends were unable to find out what had happened to her after she was admitted - possibly due to deadnaming by the hospital. They only became aware of her death nearly two weeks later.

My thoughts go to the Peruvian trans girl.

We have learned very sad news.

China Rivera, I wish you to rest in peace and guide us on our journey.

Yesterday - December 13 / Antonia Monopoli: how can a Peruvian trans girl disappear into thin air (her worried family is in Peru)? It seems they took her to the emergency room of the San Raffaele hospital by ambulance, they declared she was in a coma but then nothing more was known about her. Her friends contacted the hospital but the hospital could not locate her.

China's Facebook profile is

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