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Yuri Arthur ("Aquariano")

17 Oct 2020
Belo Horizonte, Brazil (Brazil)

Yuri Arthur ("Aquariano")
Yuri Arthur ("Aquariano") [photo:]

Yuri reportedly died by suicide. It appears that rejection by his birth family may have been a factor.

  • Yuri Arthur + Suicide by poisonining.

I don't know if the cause was the family's lack of acceptance for his being trans, but a while ago before this happened I witnessed a very sad situation with him. He went to the supermarket where I work and was desperately trying to buy 2 packets of rat poison, which the inspector did not let him take fearing the worst. The inspector got in touch with his uncle where he lived, the answer was "if you want to die, die there". And today I received this news, he just had no one for him.

Note that we do not know the exact date or location of Yuri's death. The date and location given are based on Facebook posts.

Yuri's Facebook profile is

Report added: 2 Jan 2021

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