TDoR 2021 / 2020 / October / 05 / Paolla Bueno

Paolla Bueno

Age 17

5 Oct 2020
Ibitinga, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Paolla Bueno
Paolla Bueno [photo:]

Paolla was stabbed 8 times while defending her 7 year old brother and her stepmother from her abusive ex-partner who had broken into their home. He has been arrested.

The young transsexual [woman] who was stabbed to death on Monday (5) was in an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend and was threatened, according to a friend of the victim. According to the police, 22-year-old Richard Henrique Costa was arrested on suspicion of the crime.

Tatiana Lobo da Silva told G1 that she considered Paolla Bueno, [17], as a sister, since the two had known each other for at least 10 years and the victim's father is in a relationship with Tatiana's mother. The friend said that Paolla was constantly threatened by her ex-boyfriend.

“He was jealous of everything. Even if she posted a photo or if she slept later it was a cause for a fight, for him to hit her. He had already stabbed her in the head, but it didn't hurt as much as this time and she was only left with a scar, ”says Tatiana. According to her friend, Paolla tried to break up with the suspect several times, but she couldn't. “She defended him, she didn't want to show us that she was sad, being beaten up too much”, she says. Tatiana said the couple were no longer together when the crime occurred, but the suspect did not accept the end of the relationship.

On Monday morning (5), Richard broke into Paolla's father's house and stabbed her. Tatiana told G1 that the victim's stepmother and her 7-year-old brother were at the scene at the time of the crime and tried to prevent her ex-boyfriend from entering the house. “The three tried to close the door, but he's a maniac, I don't know how, but he broke the glass and went inside. The brother did not see (the crime) because my mother caught him, locked him in the room and called the police because he wanted to kill everyone ”, says Tatiana.

Paolla came to the rescue, but could not survive her injuries and died in hospital. The friend said that the young woman was stabbed eight times. Last year, Tatiana said the suspect had also hit a former girlfriend with a knife. Police said Richard had fled the scene after the crime, but was found in a vacant lot and confessed to the murder. Paolla was buried at Ibitinga Municipal Cemetery and family and friends posted homage to the young woman on social media.

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