TDoR 2020 / 2020 / July / 22 / Gabriela


Age 29

22 Jul 2020
Soledad, Atlántico (Colombia)
Possible suicide


Gabriela's body was found in her home early on Wednesday 22nd July. Investigators ruled her death suicide, but reportedly she had been threatened by a man who came to her home.

"It was suicide." This is how the Police described the death of a trans woman whose body was found at her home, early Wednesday morning, in a neighborhood of the municipality of Soledad, Atlántico. Few details came to light about what happened.

In fact, according to neighbors, the investigators "did not take long" at the crime scene, nor, in their opinion, did they gather enough evidence to corroborate or discard the initial hypothesis.

Gabriela, as the trans woman was known, was a 29-year-old Venezuelan migrant, resident in the country for 4 years and working as a hairdresser. "It was little talk" and "she didn't mess with anyone," according to her friends and neighbors.

The investigators, according to Gabriela's colleagues, "did not show great interest in knowing who she was, and much less in investigating why she had allegedly taken her life," but they assured that their friend "had had an argument with a person the day before her death and, after the fight had passed, she left her house quite neat and elegant. "

Gabriela's case, according to organizations that defend the rights of LGBT people, has elements that cannot be dismissed and, on the contrary, must be taken into account, because in criminal policy, suicides can be induced or motivated. That is why, they highlight, the investigation "is essential in this type of events", as well as the search for the appropriate evidentiary material to verify or rule out the prejudicial motive of a fact, so that the victims can obtain better access to justice in their cases.

Report added: 2 Oct 2020. Last updated: 23 Oct 2020

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