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Tita Andrade Umaña

Age 33

7 Mar 2020
La Leona, Intipucá, La Unión (El Salvador)

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Tita Andrade Umaña
Tita Andrade Umaña [photo:]

Tita's burnt body was found in a field. A suspect has been arrested.

Tita Andrade Umaña, a 32-year-old trans person, left her home on Friday, March 6, in the municipality of Intipucá in the department of La Unión, 180 kilometres southeast of the capital of El Salvador. They found her murdered, on Saturday the 7th in a field in the La Agencia farmhouse, in a rural area in the eastern part of the Central American country. The autopsy determined their identity.

Residents of the area reported an outbreak of fire and the body was found with 90 percent burns, according to the La Unión police report. The attorney general's office announced on Tuesday 10 on their Twitter account that a suspect has been arrested.

"Administrative detention has been decreed against Ronald Asael Cáceres Campos, for the crime of simple homicide by [deadname] Andrade Umaña, a member of the LGBTI community. The event occurred on Saturday, March 7 in Intipucá, La Unión, ”the institution reported. “The arrest became effective this day at 3:00 pm, as a result of an investigation by the prosecution. Ample evidence has been obtained against the accused, ”the entity published.

"The motive for the murder is unknown. According to a police officer the cause of death has not yet been determined by an autopsy, since the victim had burns throughout her body.

Tita is the second murdered victim of the LGBTI population in El Salvador so far in 2020. Investigations of these crimes are making little progress in the country. The vast majority go unpunished due to weak investigations that do not allow those responsible to be prosecuted.

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