TDoR 2020 / 2019 / December / 31 / Ely Pimentel

Ely Pimentel

Age 24

31 Dec 2019
Itaituba, Pará (Brazil)

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Ely Pimentel
Ely Pimentel [photo:]

Ely was shot dead inside her home early on Tuesday 31st December. Her sister-in-law fled the scene and is suspected to have been responsible.

A [trans woman] identified as Ely Pimentel was shot dead at dawn on Tuesday (31) in the southwestern city of Itaituba.

According to information from Itaituba's 24 Hours News portal, Ely was shot dead after a fight inside the house where she lived. Three gunshots were heard, according to military police officers who responded to the incident.

According to the portal Giro de Portal, Ely Pimentel's sister-in-law is considered to be one of the main suspects. She reportedly fled the scene after the crime.

On Facebook, the Tibira Group in Defense of Diversity in Tapajós posted in honor of the young woman, who worked as an attendant in a cafeteria in Itaituba.

Report added: 3 Jan 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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