TDoR 2020 / 2019 / December / 25 / Alice Nóbrega

Alice Nóbrega

Age 30

25 Dec 2019
Patos, Paraíba (Brazil)
Not reported

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Alice Nóbrega
Alice Nóbrega [photo:]

Alice was found dead in her home on Christmas Day. There were no signs of violence on her body, but her family reported that she suffered from epilepsy and experienced seizures.

The young transsexual [woman] [deadname] Gomes da Nóbrega, known as Alice Nóbrega, was found dead on Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas Day), in her residence located on R. Euclides Francot, in the Vitória neighborhood here in Patos.

According to information from our newsroom, her body was found by family members around 11:30 am on a bed in one of the rooms.

It is not known what may have caused the death of Alice who was 30 years old, but the family reported that suffered from epilepsy and had experienced seizures.

Alice's Facebook account is

TvT partner organisation: IBTE [BROKEN LINK]

Report added: 11 Nov 2020. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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