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Name Unknown

13 Dec 2019
Salvador, Bahia (Brazil)

Name Unknown

The victim was one of two trans women murdered after being used to lure a group of application drivers [i.e. drivers for services such as Uber] to an ambush in Salvador.

Four application drivers [i.e. drivers for services like Uber] were found dead with signs of machete blows, on Friday morning (13) in the Paz e Vida community in Mata Escura, Salvador. The bodies were found wrapped in plastic bags in an area of ​​greenery a few meters from a shack, where the victims had been held in captivity, tortured and then executed.

The murdered men were identified as Alisson Silva Damasceno dos Santos (27), Daniel Santos da Silva (30), Genivaldo da Silva Felix (48) and Sávio da Silva Dias (23). According to police, they were drivers for the Uber and 99 apps. A fifth driver managed to escape the criminals and reported to police that all victims were lured into the scene for an ambush after answering calls from two [trans women] [on Rua do Nepal, in the Jardim Santo Inácio neighborhood].

In addition to Jeferson dealer Jel, reportedly the mastermind of the slaughter, the two [trans women] involved in the killings of the application drivers were also murdered.

"We know that trafficking rules in the state, in the country, the crime itself does not admit it because it is the application drivers who transport their relatives. Jel himself was executed by rivals and the two [trans women] were also slaughtered during the crime itself. Another criminal was killed in a confrontation with military police in Itinga " said Attila.

The surviving driver reported that companies that operate the application driver service didn't care. "I got the call from Nivaldo saying that 99 Pop couldn't help him because he didn't die. A $100,000 indemnity that isn't worth the life of a worker. Did they miss five calls to a high-risk location? "Didn't you notice that?" He said.

Report added: 4 Jan 2020. Last updated: 20 Jan 2020

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