TDoR 2020 / 2019 / December / 02 / Catalina Rodríguez ("Cata")

Catalina Rodríguez ("Cata")

Age 22

2 Dec 2019
Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)
Cosmetic filler poisoning

Catalina Rodríguez ("Cata")
Catalina Rodríguez ("Cata") [photo:]

Cata died at home following a cosmetic filler injection to enlarge her buttocks. She was a webcam model.

The body of the slender Catalina Rodríguez, 22, according to accounts, was the victim of bad practice was found lifeless inside her apartment on the carrera 10 Este-76 Sur-25 in the Miravalle de Usme neighborhood. In that same place 'Cata' made dreams and emotions of his youth. Catalina an extrovert transgender, days before she had gone to an aesthetic center, in order to enlarge her buttocks, but they applied the silicone incorrectly.

It all started from the moment that Catalina began to work hard as a webcam model, in order to get good money to stay and be able to perfect her body. Motivated by vanity, she decided to enlarge her buttocks and after having worked hard and with the money raised she went to a clandestine aesthetic center for that purpose.

'Cat' was scheduled for December 2 to carry out the enlargement process and arrived at the site where the injection was being prepared with a big smile. One account suggests that Catalina lay on a stretcher and a subject there began to apply a large amount of silicone with a syringe.

One of Catalina's best friends said that the one who calls herself a doctor hit a vein, causing silicone to slowly run through her body. The beautiful woman who had a lot of life ahead of her, left to go home to rest, but rested forever.

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