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Bruna Soares

Age 23

1 Nov 2019
São Mateus, Espírito Santo (Brazil)

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Bruna Soares
Bruna Soares [photo:]

Bruna was stabbed to death at around 4am on Friday 1st November.

[deadname] Gomes Soares's 23-year-old family travelled to Linhares, in the north of Espírito Santo, to officially identify the body of the young stab victim at the Guriri spa in São Mateus and arrange for her transfer to the Valley. [deadname], who was transsexual and used the name Bruna Soares, died during the early hours of Friday (1st).

As reported to the St. Matthew press, around 4 am Friday morning, the victim was found lying near a supermarket on Avenida Othovarino Duarte Santos. The military police provided assistance to her after she was injured.

The PMs referred the victim to Roberto Silvares Hospital but she died from blood loss while receiving medical attention. Bruna was unable to describe who her attacker was or their motive.

Report added: 4 Nov 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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