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Antonella Espinoza Mendoza

Age 19

17 Oct 2019
Guayaquil, Guayas (Ecuador)
Cosmetic filler poisoning

Antonella Espinoza Mendoza
Antonella Espinoza Mendoza [photo:]

Antonella died in hospital after a cosmetic filler injection. She was a stylist and would have been 20 on 19th October.

With a white sheet in his hand, Cruz and his sister Marcela Mendoza, 25, accompanied by neighbors, asked for donations in the commercial area of the El Laurel parish in the Daule canton, to raise funds to bury their sister Antonella Espinoza Mendoza, who died early yesterday, Thursday, October 17, 2019, in a hospital in Guayaquil.

Buying the coffin for her loved one, whose body remained in the morgue of the Buenos Aires city, was the explanation given by the sisters, and the inhabitants or passersby took out bills and coins and deposited them on the mantle to help this family.

Cruz Mendoza, 23, told EXTRA that her sister did not go to work last Wednesday, at a parish beauty center. "Flora Matilde Mendoza, with whom I resided, was in the home of the Aguas Blancas sector of this parish," he said. Antonella was a stylist and seven months ago worked in a parish cabinet.

That day, around 11:30, Antonella left home alone, “but she didn't tell us where she was going. He just said he liked to have fun and left, ”said the young woman. Then they informed him that his close friend was gone forever ... Apparently, on Wednesday Antonella travelled with a friend to Guayaquil and to goe to a clandestine clinic to allegedly place a substance in her body.

The relatives do not know for sure what happened. They believe that after having given him a compound she suffered complications. Although she was taken to a Buenos Aires hospital, she died in the early hours of yesterday. At approximately 02:00 on Thursday when Antonella's mother received a call on her cell phone "to tell her that my sister had died after they had injected silicone in her chest," the relative explained.

Lucia Pilozo Zubiaga stressed that her friend Antonella was "a great person who was always willing to help the community."

She also said that she “never told us that she was going to have surgery and it has been a surprise for everyone who met her and for her relatives. We have been told that silicone was placed into her breasts and she was watered all over her body and complicated her lungs. ”

Report added: 22 Oct 2019. Last updated: 5 Nov 2019

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